Wedding With Intention

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Plan the wedding they you want.

When it comes to how we celebrate weddings today… 

Everyone seems hell-bent on us doing it The Exact Same Way. The first dance, the cake-cutting, the bouquet toss… 

And you might fear that if you don’t follow this exact blueprint, then it means you’re doing it wrong… Right?


Whose rituals are you using, anyway? And what does it really mean to have an unconventional wedding? 

(Spoiler alert: taco trucks at your reception is just scratching the surface...)

It’s not about not conforming for the sake of not conforming. 

It’s about taking the time to decide what’s really important to you and choosing your own path.

Part social commentary, part guidebook, Wedding With Intention is a light-hearted guide and workbook to support you through the process of designing an intentional wedding –– where you can begin to distinguish between what’s truly meaningful to you from the rules that influence ceremonies today.

Because it’s time we started planning weddings we actually want to have.

Your wedding, your ritual.

I want this!

Wedding with Intention PDF eBook, Audiobook & Printable Worksheets

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